Why choose kannu ki chai as franchise partner ?

"A trusted brand which believes in Inclusive Growth "

             Kannu Ki Chai has rapidly advanced in the tea and cafe industry, solidifying a remarkable position that showcases our dedication to excellence. We are proud to share that we sell an astounding one million cups of tea every month.

Kannu Ki Chai’s product offerings span an extensive range of chai varieties, each meticulously crafted for a distinct experience. Our cafe menu also boasts five types of coffee, carefully selected to cater to diverse coffee preferences. Beyond beverages, we offer over 50 types of snacks, both traditional and contemporary, ensuring that our cafes cater to every palate

Types of Franchise Business Models

Café Model

The typical chai cafe model includes a cozy and inviting space with comfortable seating and a relaxing ambiance.

Container Model

Serving delicious chai and snacks from a portable container, providing customers with a convenient and affordable option for a quick snack and a warm cup of tea.

Kiosk Model

The kiosk model for a chai and snack is a compact and efficient which can be set up in high-traffic areas

Core Values


Our philosophy is to build relations with like-minded people and spread the love of premium teas around the world.


Our main belief is to influence as many tea lover's lives as we can through our tea.


We have the responsibility to treat every one of our products as if it is our only one and every customer as if it is our only customer.


We do an endless improvement and innovation to perfect our tea quality and obtain results up to our greatest potential.


We work tirelessly every day because we are motivated and committed to creating a delightful experience for all tea lovers.

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The initial investment varies based on the model chosen (kiosk, cafe, or container) and the location. For specific details, please inquire with our franchise team.

For inquiries and additional details, please reach out to our franchise team through our official website. You can also submit a franchise inquiry form directly on the website for prompt assistance.


We offer comprehensive training programs covering various aspects of operating a Kannu Ki Chai outlet. This includes product knowledge, customer service, and business management to ensure you are well-equipped for success.

We provide marketing support at both the national and local levels. This includes advertising campaigns, social media strategies, and promotional materials to help you attract and retain customers.

After the launch of your Kannu Ki Chai outlet, we continue to offer ongoing support. This includes regular check-ins, operational guidance, and updates on new products or processes.