Let us take on a journey to get to know our story

KKC’s story began with a simple idea that it should be local with a name that people will not easily forget. As we say tea or chai is a very emotional drink that should connect with our souls and customers too, we started selling a handful of finest-quality teas on our first Tea café with approved hygiene levels and standards.

Journey So Far

Let us take you on a journey to get to know our story.



Make the thing Anything is Possible

Enjoy our luscious dishes wherever you want

Our Team

Our team comprises Industry experts with extensive experience in the tea and cafe sector, The team members are passionate about tea culture and dedicated to the company’s mission, This wealth of experience and expertise is a significant asset for Kannu Ki Chai.


Founders Ranjeet Tale & Kunal Gulati brings a unique blend of culinary expertise and customer- centric focus to the team, Their commitment to curating an exceptional menu and ensuring consistent quality in our offerings has been pivotal In establishing Kannu Ki Chal as a brand known for its exceptional taste.


Together, our leadership and team members collectively drive the company’s growth, ensuring that Kannu Ki Chal continues to provide exceptional chal experiences to our customers,


Core Values | We Do Care!


Our philosophy is to build relations with like-minded people and spread the love of premium teas around the world.


Our main belief is to influence as many tea lover's lives as we can through our tea.


We have the responsibility to treat every one of our products as if it is our only one and every customer as if it is our only customer.


We do an endless improvement and innovation to perfect our tea quality and obtain results up to our greatest potential.


We work tirelessly every day because we are motivated and committed to creating a delightful experience for all tea lovers.