About Kannu Ki Chai

A few words about us

Kannu Ki Chai

We’d love to tell you that KKC was founded from a great passion for tea, but that would be a lie. It was founded on a passion to bring change in the tea community by a team of the tea-fanatic duo; Kunal Gulati and Ranjeet Tale.

Coming from an Engineering background, Kunal always had a passion for drinking tea and wanted to share his love of great tea with a promise of ethical obtaining an all-natural production. While working in the industry for over 2 decades, Ranjeet always felt something was missing which now we can say is met with KKC.

KKC’s story began with a simple idea that it should be local with a name that people will not easily forget. As we say tea or chai is a very emotional drink that should connect with our souls and customers too, we started selling a handful of finest-quality teas on our first Tea café with approved hygiene levels and standards. 


The tea chain from the garden to your cup is very long and crucial, and by the time the tea ends up on the market shelf, it is usually no longer fresh, nor you can trace its origin.We are proud to source via Direct Trade which means – going straight to the origin to source some of the finest teas directly from the tea gardens. Having fewer steps in the process helped create a direct link between tea producers and your cup of tea on the other side of the world which in itself is very special.

We’ve now long outgrown our first Tea Café, but everything is still hand-blended and curated in our factory and today we have opened more than 30 Tea Cafés and sold more than 27 Million cups in and around.

Organically Grown

Many of our teas are unadulterated, pure, and fresh tea always feels smooth and has a strong, mouth-watering taste.

Fresh Inventory

Being naturally grown in small batches and meticulous packaging ensures the purity and freshness of our teas.

Hand Blended

The newest, delicate and tender leaves of tea plants including the buds from new growth are hand-picked and manually processed with lots of care.

KKC’s Journey So Far

Let us take you on a journey to get to know our story and our values.

KKC Is Brought to life in Pune, Maharashtra

It started as India's First Tea Cafe, inspiring people to slow down and relax with the wonderful Tea experience, every single time.

Expanded its business to multiple outlet

KKC expanded to a few in numbers, hence confirming the values and dedication to conduct business as force for greatt quality

Became a National Brand with a Best Startup Award

KKC becomes proud winner of the "India 500 Startup Award" with almost 20 "Tea Cafe" in numbers.

Redefined The Brand with all new KKC

KKC embraces a new look that showcases soul of the brand: vivid, bold colours and emphasis on the flavors to elevate the tea experiences.

Time to go big as we have launched our worldwide tea delivery services

We Have started distribution of our famous teas and tea blends all over the world with a simple quick ordering - delivering process.

We Do Care!

Impact / Influence

Our main belief is to influence as many tea lover’s lives as we can through our tea

Thinking / Philosophy

Our way of life is to build relations with like-minded people & spread the love of premium teas around the world.


We have a responsibility to treat each of our products as if it’s the only one &every customer as if it’s our only customer.


Working tirelessly every day to creating a delightful experience for all tea lovers.


Endless improvement and innovation result in exceptional tea quality.


Here is what our customers has to say about their experience 

" I always wondered about the difference between regular tea bags and loose leaf tea, but now I know the quality difference and why everyone is switching from tea bags to loose leaf teas. "

Mrugnayan K

Pimpri, Pune

“ These teas really help me to refresh during long working days. Their special flower and fruit blends are unique with great taste and rejuvenating aromas. “

Vipul K.

Kothrud, Pune.

“ I am a big fan of their herbal and ayurvedic teas. These teas are full of herbs and spices and have amazing medicinal properties. Few of them are exactly like my grandma use to make. Love…. “

Narayan J.

Hinjewadi, Pune

“ I can't live without my chai and I am very particular about it. It’s very difficult for chai lovers to switch brands but kkc’s masala chai is too good to miss on.”

Anup K.

Dhyari, Pune

Best Quality Tea

We at KKC, source our tea from the top 2% of all the tea gardens in India to ensures the highest quality product for making it a delicious experience with every cup.

We Know Our Sources

We have an almost 100% traceability record to the tea source for every tea leaf we receive which safeguards your trust in us to receive the freshest, best-tasting tea.

Zero Compromise

No matter when you order, we make sure the tea that you get will always look, smell and taste exactly the same as you hope for by consistently tasting samples, verifying dry leaf, wet leaf, the color, the liquor and so much more.