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CTC refers to the “Crush Tear Curl” processing method where Assam black tea leaves are processed in the machine and fully oxidized making a more robust rich blend. CTC Masala Chai is a unique, traditional CTC blend of premium signature Assam CTC with exotic Indian spices, Ginger, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Clove, and Bay Leaves. Spice up a dull, mundane day or tea session with a rich reddish-brown cup of KKC’s CTC Masala Chai, famous for its brisk, refreshing taste and strong spices aroma.
Best enjoyed as a hot cuppa on cold winters and monsoon season. Great for curing headaches, common cold, aids digestion, stomach cramping, and a boost of energy. Avoid drinking it late in the night as it is high in caffeine for a good night’s sleep. Served with milk and sugar or plain.

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